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Specialists in Relationship and Marriage Counselling 

Individual Counselling

Counselling can be of great benefit to the marriage even when just one person seeks assistance in understanding the relationship with their partner.

Marriage Counselling

A marriage is the most complex relationship that two people ever have in their life, and we all need some outside help and support with our marriage and family.

Family Counselling

The foundation of your marriage does have a big impact on your children. Get your marriage right and you have a far better chance of getting parenting right.

Pre-Marriage Counselling

For couples planning to marry, discover the essentials for a lifelong and joyful marriage. It is one of the best ways to prepare for the rest of your lives together as a couple and family.

Telehealth / Phone / Zoom Counselling

Couples can access marriage counselling in the comfort of their own home, great for couples with young children, or are geographically challenged.

Intensive Counselling Sessions

For couples needing immediate intensive counselling than what traditional counselling offers. Especially helpful for a marriage about to breakdown.

Counselling for Couples,
Individual's and Families

At Marriage Counselling Ballarat, we help couples, individual people and families to resolve the issues that keep causing problems and concerns within their marriage and family.

In Marriage Counselling, you both will work through the identified difficulties with purpose to renew a sense of love and respect for each other, while rebuilding a strong and sustainable connection with your partner.

Couples who meet with our Specialist Marriage and Couples Counsellors tell us that they feel better understood by their partner and much closer to each other.  Couples develop greater insights and grow to understand each other by improving communication and connection whilst learning conflict resolution and recovery skills.

Getting Relationship
Help is Easier Than You
May Think

Our marriage and relationship Psychologists, Social Workers and Counsellors assist couples to learn new skills and communication tools for their marriage.

We ensure that you are helped by well qualified and experienced Marriage Counsellors each having a minimum of a Masters Degree in Couples Counselling and/or Family Therapy.

Not everyone is born know how to create and maintain a loving marriage, but it can be learnt.  Getting the right help early in your marriage ensures you protect your relationship from tough times that life may present.

Reconnecting with each leads to a balanced, enjoyable, and fulfilling life together.

Don't Leave Your
Marriage To Chance

Did you know about 50,000 couples divorce each year in Australia, while there are around 112,000 marriages.  None of the couples who divorced thought that this would ever happen to them at the start of their marriage.

Each of our marriage and relationship psychologists, social workers and counsellors have complicated Post-Graduate University studies in Couples Counselling and/or Family Therapy.

This means that you are getting the best help from the right professionals to assist you and your partner get your marriage and relationship back to feeling connected, loved and good again.

Couples seek relationship counselling for a wide range of reasons.  While some couples are experiencing crisis after disclosing an infidelity, others may have suffered a traumatic life event, or are worn down by the slow grind of repetitive negative interactions between them.

There are other couples who can see themselves going down a path in life that concerns them and they want to make improvements to their relationship before they reach crisis point and damage their relationship.  They are choosing a more proactive apprach.

Why we are
different from other
counselling practices

We bring professional standards, functional expertise, and best practices to the Marriage Counselling services we provide. 

You will be receiving the very best of professional help and care for your marriage and family.

Our team of Marriage Counsellors have over many years assisted hundreds of couples in restoring their relationships to a much happier and loving place. 

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Step 3

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You then meet the couples counsellor to begin counselling to address and resolve the issues that are causing distress to you both.

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