Couples Therapy

For Couples Who Need More Help and Are Ready to Work

Consider Intensive Couples Therapy Sessions When…

  • Affairs and infidelities;
  • If you have tried counselling and your relationship remains in that negative space;
  • Complete breakdown of communication;
  • If it feels like a ‘last ditch effort’ to save your marriage is required;
  • You know this yourself, that much bigger effort is required by you both to rescue the marriage;
  • An escalation of intense conflict;
  • When there is not much hope left for a life together;
  • Feeling exhausted and burnt from persistent, irresolvable issues.

Intensive Couples Therapy

A couple in crisis requires a concentrated rescue effort

If you recognise that your marriage has reached this point, it’s time to get the right help now.

The Intensive Couples Therapy Sessions are a Relationship Rescue Program for a marriage in serious trouble.

The purpose is to stop complete marriage breakdown.

By the time a marriage gets to this stage, the couple is exhausted from trying to work things out. You don’t feel that your partner is listening to what you are trying to tell them. In fact, you have said the same thing so often that you feel that there is no point in continuing.

The Intensive Couples Therapy sessions are for couples whose marriage is characterized by ongoing conflict, plagued by major issues of trust, or for those couples who can literally see that separation is knocking at their front door.

All too often, this has been happening for a long time and love seems to have been long forgotten.

The Intensives are for couples who see ‘no-end-in-sight’ to their conflict and are embroiled in their differences…… and separation is starting to feel like a real option.

Couples who have reached this level of crisis typically put greater effort into arguing the rightness of their position rather than seeking to understand the other person’s view or experience.

The only outcome is that the couple never resolve anything.

With the two Intensives, each person gains greater experience and understanding of their partner’s concerns, regardless of whether you agree on the issues. Couples also gain a better understanding of their own positions and experiences, which helps them make better decisions.

The process helps couples to move from a place of conflict to a place of understanding, reconnection and togetherness.

Through talking about past ‘cold’ issues and current ‘hot’ conflicts, each person is given the opportunity to discuss what is important to them.

This conversation is not distracted by the intensity of emotions and the provocative language often used by couples engaged in entrenched conflict.

Figuring out all the elements and negative effects of a marriage that is characterised by conflict is a daunting task, but the potential pay off for success, as a couple, is significant.

Better problem solving techniques;

Ability to listen without becoming defensive;

Skills in talking through problems without blaming;

How to get your point across without being disrespectful;

Learn how to recognise and vocalise emotional needs;

Develop skills to simultaneously confront and support each other;

Gain greater understanding of the ‘underlying problems’;

Learn to prevent defences e.g. stonewalling, from infecting the marriage.

These are two three hour sessions;

Preferable on consecutive days;

Are available on weekdays and weekends;

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